Which qualification is needed to enter the World show 2017?

Kitten (class 12)

  • Best in variety OR Nomination to BIS OR 3x Excellent 1
  • Kittens 4-7 months may participate in class 12 at the World Show, if they have achieved at least 1x Excellent 1.
    This qualification is valid only in class 12!

Juniors (class 11)

  • Best in variety OR Nomination to BIS OR 3x Excellent 1

Adults (classes 07 – 10)

  • Best in variety OR Nomination to BIS OR each adult cat that qualified in the kitten class or in the junior class.

Housecats (class 14)

  • Nomination to BIS Housecat

...OR achievied one of the following titles:

  • International Champion or higher
  • International Premior or higher
  • Distinguished Show Merit (DSM) for house cats

Which cats can enter the FIFe World Show 2017?

Only qualified cats of fully recognized breeds and/or house cats, belonging of individual members of FIFe members can qualify for and may participate the World Show 2017!

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Do I need to send proof regarding qualification?

Starting October 1st we will contact your club and send a list of all entries of members of this club. The club needs to confirm your active membership as well as the qualification requirements to the Worldshow.

You can already inform your club about your entry and send necessary papers. A positive confirmation will be visible in the online overview about your entered cats.

Untill when can I make changes to my entry?

On October 1st all data will be locked. Changes in class after that date is only possible by sending an email to entries@ws2017.com.

Until that time it will be possible to register and make changes to your registration through the online application that opens on August 1st, 2017.

Can I enter by email?

No! Only entries by our online application are accepted that opens on May 1st, 2017.

When is the registration period open?

The online entry application is open from June 1st, 2017 until September 30st, 2017.


How can I pay for my entry?

Payments are only accepted through our online portal. There is an option to pay via bank transfer in the portal, where you will receive an invoice with bank details. You can pay by various means of electronic banking and creditcards. (Fees might be applicable).

When do I need to pay the entry fee?

During the registration period and no later than September 15th, 2017. Once you enter your cat and after closing of the entry period, entryfees are not refundable but are to be paid, regardless of competing.

What is the fee to enter your cat?

The fee to enter your cat is € 57.50 for classes 01-12 and 14. No other classes available.


Can I use my own cage?

We are exploring the possibilities to accommodate this common request. We will inform you if this option becomes available.

Can I have a double cage for one cat?

We prefer to have cats above extra cages, so the fee for a double cage for single use is two times the entry fee. Only one extra cage is possible.

Can I request special placement?

Send your request to entries@ws2017.com and we will try to accommodate the requests within reason.

What are the principles of placement?

  • Cats from the same exhibitor will be placed next to each other
  • Cats from the exhibitor will be placed in double cage with divider per two cats
  • Placement by country / club
  • Configuration in rings with protected access for exhibitors, backside visible for visitors

What are the sizes of the cages during the World Show?

  • Single cage 66 x 66 x 66 cm
  • Double cage 132 x 66 x 66 cm


Are parking space for trailers or caravans available?

It is not allowed in the Netherlands to park your Mobile home on the public street.

Please see here for the nearest camping.

Where can I park my car?

The venue has 200 parking spaces at the grounds of the hall, 1,000 parking spaces at 200 meter distance (both € 5.00 per day parking fee).

Around the showhall there are approximately 1,.500 free street parking spaces. There are sufficient disabled persons parking spaces.

Veterinary Requirements

Which certificats are required when I show a white cat?

White cats must have a veterinary certificate stating that they are not deaf.

Audiometric tests are preferred.

Which vaccinations needs and other requirements shall be fullfilled when I cross the boarder to the Netherlands?

You can find more information about Non-commercial movement of your cats from non-EU countries: CLICK HERE!

If you want to bring more than 5 cats special rules might apply, please send an email to info@ws2017.com

Which vaccinations are compulsory for cats to enter the show?

A valid vaccination against rabies (except NL-exhibitors), feline panleucopenia, feline calici virus and feline herpes virus. They need to have the required boosters, at least 15 days prior to the show.

The period of validity for the vaccination is marked by the veterinarian in the pet passport.

The Show

Are chairs available in the hall?

A limited number of chairs will be available for rental.

Who presents the cat to the judges?

The exhibitor takes the cat to the judge ring and places the cat in the marked cages. From there stewards will bring and present the cats to the judge.

Do you want to be a steward at the World Show? Present yourself now!